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Palm Springs Modernism Showroom

Intern with Lori Dennis for the 2014 Palm Springs Modernism Week Showroom. This outdoor space made the cover of Luxe magazine.

Vacation Rental Homes

When designing a space for a vacation rental, there are different things to keep in mind than if you were designing your own home. Durability is a huge factor when furnishing the home, which makes textile and color scheme choices  very important. Living spaces will be used more frequently and will need to uphold the conditions of wear and tear, shoes, kids, and hosting.  

Hollywood Apartment
This client wanted a space that was feminine, chic, and modern.  To achieve this look we used a touch of soft pink accents, chrome and leather furniture, and a stunning (removable) marble wallpaper.  The result was a beautiful bachelorette's paradise!


Hermosa Beach Townhome

This sunny beach spot belongs to a creative, talented choreographer who can now feel inspired  in every corner of her home.


Beach House- Hermosa Beach, CA

While remodeling this multi-million dollar home, it was important to keep the beachy vibe that so many "Hermosans" love, while also giving it a modern touch of class.  Loaded with high end finishes, and contrasted with distressed oak floors, this 3,100 square foot home is a SoCal dream.

Vacation Rental- Arcadia, AZ


This beautiful Arcadia Ranch Style home is ready for a good time!  Equipped with a game room, large backyard, pool, spa and beautiful design elements, this home literally has it all.

Redondo Beach Home

This boho-chic living and dining space is light and airy with a beautiful contrast.  Adding elements of nature automatically gives a room life and will never go out of style. Check out the outdoor patio, kid's rooms and master bedroom as well!



This little beach bungalow was looking pretty gloomy before we began. With black floors and dark furniture, it all kind of blended together and need a major upgrade in style.  To save on budget, I found a lot of great items on FB marketplace and we painted the dresser, shelving and walls.  The finished room was bright, beachy, modern, and most importantly, beautiful!


Cozy Sunroom

This beautiful bright sunroom got a major upgrade when the old furniture was replaced with a pop of green.  We also made it look fresh and clean by removing a lot of small decor items that were placed throughout the room.  Less is more!  Now the lime floral chairs and the amazing hand-painted art piece can really shine!


Downtown San Diego Condo

Living in a downtown condo, it can be challenging to create a functional layout that flows well.  I love how this open floor plan is cohesive while still having its own separate dining, living and office space.  It's also cozy and bright with a "modern-worldly" kind of feel.  The perfect living space for the big city!


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