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A bit about me....


Growing up in a family of home builders, I was exposed to construction and renovation from a very early age.  As my parents went through the process of 'flipping homes' throughout my childhood, interior design was a skill I acquired along the way, not really knowing at the time it would eventually become my passion.

In 2005 I completed my undergrad at The University of Iowa, and shortly after made the move to Scottsdale, AZ.  I was lucky to find what I called my "dream job" at that time, doing interior decorating for the largest vacation rental home company in Arizona.  In 2010 I went on to expand my knowledge through an internship with Los Angeles based Interior Designer, Lori Dennis.

Currently, I reside in Redondo Beach, CA with my husband and two amazing little ones!


My passion in life (besides being MOM) is helping people to create beautiful spaces that they love! Whether it's tranquil, exciting, trendy or inspiring, my mission is to give you a space that is beautiful, functional and exceeds all expectations.  I truly believe that good design should reflect your lifestyle and enhance your quality of life.


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